1. North end of Agios Gordios Beach and Back
 (5 miles round trip)

This walk will take you out of the Agios Gordios towards Sinarades and then back down towards the beach for a great walk along its entire length. Around 5 miles round trip - don't forget to take your swimsuit!

Walking Directions
Walk in to the centre of the village by the bus stop and GB's supermarket and bear left up the hill towards Sinarades (the way your coach/Taxi came in).  As you walk, you will pass the Pink Palace Hostel on your right and at the first hairpin bend, about a mile outside the village, turn left onto a roadway/track signposted "Sinarades by foot" and Pelagos apartments.

Follow the track down keeping right and walk for a mile or so through the olive groves (watch out for a dog around just over half way down, it's normally either in it's pen on the left side or on a chain on the bank in the olives on the right).  The track begins to narrow and you will come to a point where it divides.  You take the path to the left (black/green gates in front of you) and follow the path down past a lovely little church and then along a bit further and down a narrow path that passes 3 houses on the left.

You come out at a beach covered with large stones and boulders.  If you turn left and walk 2-3 minutes you will soon reach a deserted sandy beach area.  Now is the time to take a refreshing swim!  To reach Agios Gordios you just continue walking all the way back along the beach until you reach Agios Gordios (this should take in between 45 minutes to 1 hour at the most).  This stretch is pretty rocky so we would advise you to wear something sturdier than flip flops! 

Note: We cannot take responsibility for the safety of anyone following the walks described on this page.  We have provided some sensible guidelines to help make sure that you have an enjoyable and worthwhile outing. Happy walking!

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