5. Garouna Viewpoint and Back
(2 miles there and 3 miles back)

Spectacular views over the whole island and the chance to see where the hang-gliders jump from! This walk will take your breath away in more ways than one. 

Walking Directions
Walk into the centre of the village by the bus stop and GB's supermarket and bear right up the hill to Kato Garouna/Corfu, in about a mile or so, a road bears off to the right signposted Chris's Place Pendati.  Walk past this and continue up the hill, past the cemetery on the left and around the two hairpin bends that take you in to the village.  Once you reach a T junction and the only "pub" in the village facing you.  The road to the right is a blind alley, your route is to the left.  If you haven't got any provisions with you, we recommend that you stock up here, the rest of the walk is completely in the countryside!

Continue bearing left around the bend and you will see a road going up to your right.  Cross the road and take the road on the right and just keep going!  The road winds its way up-wards and continues straight up to the viewpoint.  From the side you have walked up the view is of southern Corfu, northern Corfu and Corfu Town and beyond to the Greek mainland and Albania.  Eventually the road takes you to the very top and you go through the gap and see the spectacular view of Agios Gordios and the north western coastline.  If you look behind you, you will see the wind-sock the hang-gliders use before they jump!

Return to Agios Gordios the way you came up - and its ALL downhill!!

Note: We cannot take responsibility for the safety of anyone following the walks described on this page.  We have provided some sensible guidelines to help make sure that you have an enjoyable and worthwhile outing. Happy walking!

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